Lockflow Sub-C Results

Here are the results from Saturday's tournament.

Kids 50-60lb Yellow/Grey Comb. 1st Sam Treperinas 2nd Jakan Lawrence 3rd Jaden Grukemeier

Kids 65-75lb Grey Belt 1st Jayla Wilcox 2nd Gabriel Coley

Kids 70-85lb Yellow Belt 1st Russel Hare 2nd Ryan Babauta 3rd Hailey Erichsen

Kids 160-180lb Exhibition Gi 1st Henry Buentello 2n Dominique Ketner

Kids 100-120lb White Belt 1st Nick Sibiryakov 2nd Joseph Hudson 3rd Paige Udhus

Kids 95-110lb Comb 1st Issac Lawrence 2nd Howie Hare 3rd Cooper Wright

AX #47 - Toughest In The Valley - Results and Pictures

On Janurary 24th, Ax Fighting brought it's brand of Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) and Kickboxing excitment for the first time to the Skate Way in Burlington, WA. Topping off the night's fights were two champions defending their belts at 135 and 155 pounds.

Here are the results:

#1 175 MMA -Troy Winchester defeated Zack McCone via KO (Punch to the body) Round 3

#2 Kid's Submission - Howie Hare defeated Kai Hiar via choke

#3 170 Kickboxing - David Romero defeated Adland Benson via Un. Decision Round 3

#4 145 MMA - James Yang defeats Mike Miller via TKO Round 1

Lockflow Sub-C Results

Kids 90-100lb White Belt 1st Nick Sibiryakov 2nd Otto Begus 3rd Christian Rodriguez

Backhanded Compliments--More Manic of a Mixed Martial Mind

I don’t mind being complimented.  It makes me feel good about myself.  But in the Combat Sports compliments don’t always feel good.  In fact, they are downright confusing and painful.

Lockflow Sub-C Results

Edmonds Community College

Sept 6th, 2014

Lynnwood, WA

Here are your results:

Kids NoGi Int-Adv 70-80lbs 1st Elihah Lazar 2nd Leo Furlong-Benedetti 3rd Jonah Lazar

Kids 4-6yr White Belt 1st LeAnna Au 2nd Megan Au 3rd Jonah Cadayona

Kids Gi 50-60lb 1st Sam Treperinas 2nd Lillian Marchard 3rd Hayden Lazar

Kids Gi 70-80lb Beg 1st Jagjot Singh-Virdi 2nd Christopher Delima

Kids Gi 60-70lb 1st Elan Breget 2nd Ryan Babauta 3rd Kyndra Risler

Kids Gi Int-Adv 70-80lb 1st Elijah Lazar 2nd Leo Furlong-Benedetti 3rd Jeremy Inocencio

My Training Montage--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mind

I just want to know where my training montage is. 

Some Leg Locking Goodness With Denny Lenormand

For those of you that have been a visitor for any amount of time will know that our resident leg lock specialist is Mr. Reilly Bodycomb.

Reilly has been with since the early days and has donated many awesome techniques to our database. He now travels the world sharing his lower extremity snapping knowledge. 

Reilly's students are starting to make a name for themselves as well, check out Rdojo's Denny Lenormand in action in this highlight video 

Swagger--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mind

Fighters have a walk.  It is unmistakable.  Some would call it a swagger.  I know I have it.  I’ve even had a few comment on it.  From time to time I’m told that it makes me look arrogant.  I’ve even been told that it makes someone else—a friend

Watch Dean Lister Vs Josh Barnett

Metamoris hosted a heavyweight title match this last weekend between Dean "The Boogey Man" Lister and Josh "The Warmaster" Barnett. If you didn't get a chance to see the match up, here it is for your viewing pleasure.


Senpai--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mind

There is a certain status that comes with a certain amount of time in this sport.  In the days when I studied the Japanese martial arts, the term I often heard was “Senpai.”  There is a certain advantage that comes from once having studied in what we have grown to call the “traditional arts.”  Steeped in martial tradition as they are—even separated from the origins by centuries

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