The Coward's Way Out--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mind

Competition season is always fun at the academy.  Frankly, I love it.  There’s a certain energy to it—whether it’s preparation for MMA fights, kickboxing matches, or grappling tournaments.  Everyone is putting in their work because they know that the field of battle is waiting to embrace them.  There is an intensity to competition se

100 Ways To Attack The Groin

If your not aware of the Mater Ken technique video uploads on youtube, then you are in for a treat. If you are familiar with Master Ken you will appreciate that he has now uploaded 100 awesome videos to Youtube. 

To celebrate this feat, Master Ken has uploaded this video of 100 ways to attack the groin. Sit back, enjoy and make sure you bring your cup with you next time you go to the gym.

Marcelo Garcia vs. Renzo Gracie: An Iconic Moment In A Legendary Career


In the career of every great grappler, there is a moment that defines your career, or a turning point of it.

However, for a super talented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player such as Marcelo Garcia, there were plenty of these matches that many fans can look back with great fondness and dub it as memorable.

Even with such a long wrap sheet of victims he has defeated in action, one match that stands out is his chess match with the legendary Renzo Gracie.

Metamoris 4: Countdown (Josh Barnett Vs. Dean Lister)

 On Saturday August 9th Dean "The Boogieman" Lister will battle Josh "The Warmaster" Barnett for the first ever Heavyweight title at Metamoris 4. Get pumped for this match up by watching this video:

The Worm Guard Hits Japan

The "Worm Guard" is the tricky guard project of grappling super hero Keenan Cornelius.

Keenan has been making the seminar rounds lately, introducing this inverted, leg lacing, lapel wrapping system to the masses. Check out this video of Keenan showing the Worm Guard system in Japan.

Why You Should Keep Training

This is such a great inspirational video from our good friends at Gameness fight gear.

Listen to this heartfelt story from 8-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Caio Terra on his journey to earning his black belt and the true meaning of martial arts training. 

Please share your thoughts on this video in the comments section below. 

How Special You're Not--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mind

The mats don’t care who I am.  They don’t respect me.  The cage does not think you’re special.  It will treat you just like everyone else.  This sport has no sense of superiority, inferiority, religion, sex, color, creed, status, rank, or disability.  It hates us all the same.

Rogan And Goldberg Commentate EA Game Gliches

Get a good laugh and listen to fake Rogan and fake Goldberg comment on some of the glitches as match ups happen of the EA UFC video game.

Make sure you watch for the "Mummy Guard" and the "Butt Back Mount", these are crucial techniques to have in your MMA arsenal.



The Acceptance of Pain--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mind

Pain is part of fighting.  The two cannot be separated.  Even the most successful days hurt.  The challenge is learning which pain is worth experiencing.

Combat Sambo Headbutt KO

If you dont know what Combat Sambo is, it is kind of like a mesh of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and headbutts. 

Check out this awesome KO victory from a Combat Sambo match. Even more impressive because the fighters are wearing headgear.

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