Meet Amy "The Resurrection" Montenegro

Meet Seattle based fighter Amy "The Resurrection" Montenegro in this great mini documentary. 

Follow Amy as she prepares to tryout for the upcomming TUF show.

Amy is full time nurse, step-mom and undefeated professional fighter.

Follow Amy on her facebook:


Numb--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mind


It is when I am most dangerous.  I believe this holds true for most fighters.  We are most dangerous when we’ve been broken, beaten, and destroyed.  When we have nothing left to lose—when we have already proven we cannot win—that is the moment we must most be feared.


Eddie Bravo And Joe Rogan Break Down Metamoris Match With Royler

Get some insight into the rematch of Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie from Eddie himself and Joe Rogan is this nice breakdown video.

Insecurity Guard--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mind


There is a difference between being critical and giving critique.  I would say that it’s a fine line but it’s really not.  The line is an easy one to define.


Meet Your Referees

Edmonds Submission Challenge is May 10. We just want to take a moment to introduce your Referees to you. So with out further ado, here they are:

Brian J Johnson:

Brian coaches students and combat athletes in grappling tournaments and professional mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions through out the Northwest. Besides coaching Brian also enjoys actively competing and some of his accomplishments include:

Reverse Boston Crab Wins A MMA Fight

After more than 20 years in the game I still get to see new things all the time, thats why I love this sport. Check out this game-changer finish from last weekend's Spartyka Fight League.

My Abusive Relationship--More Manic Mumblings of a Mixed Martial Mine


I have come to realize that I am in an abusive relationship. 


Get Inspired

There is nothng I can say better than what this video says.

Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie 2

Last night a rematch over a decade in the making happened at Metamoris 3 as Eddie Bravo took on Royler Gracie in a submission only match.

If there were points, Eddie would have won easily, however Royler showed great composure and flexibilty and refused to tap even though he was in some serious trouble so the match was declared a draw.

Here is the video:

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