Brock Lesnar - Beyond The Hype

A Drive to Compete: Beyond the hype of Brock Lesnar - 1/31/2008

Not many mixed martial arts fighters with just one professional fight have had the honor of headlining a pay per view event or had their faces plastered on billboards to promote a fight. Yet that’s exactly the position heavyweight Brock Lesnar (1-0) is in heading into this Saturday’s UFC 81 in Las Vegas, NV where he will face former champion Frank Mir.

Then again, perhaps the promotion of Lesnar’s second ever fight is warranted given that as a former NCAA heavyweight wrestling national champion and WWE sports entertainment superstar he brings in a rare combination of blue chip athletic potential and big dollar name recognition. Whether or not Lesnar deserves the hype and attention and irregardless of if a UFC win will bring him more fame, it’s not why he’s doing it.

“I’ve been there, done that,” says Lesnar recently during a media teleconference of being a poster boy for a big event.

“For me, being a big star isn’t what this is all about. You know, to me it’s I’m back competing again and, you know, just getting into the fight…I’ve been in the spotlight and, you know, for me, you know, obviously the exposure in the UFC is going to raise ....

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KeithKLM's picture

There is no dought he is a bad man, but he has a huge test in front of him in Mir

I pray, do yoga, meditate and still want to smack people

No Mercy's picture

All he had was powerful strikes. submission defense sucked and even his striking was sloppy. im disappointed brock

Anonymous's picture

Well...the fight is over and Frank came through. I was sooo happy he won. Brock seemed like a nice enough guy in his post fight interview, but like "No Mercy" said, powerful strikes is all I saw. Definitely has the ability to knock someone out, but in the world of MMA you've gotta bring more than that to the table as Frank Muir demonstrated ....just ask "Tank" Abott!! Good job Frankie boy...glad to see you keep your composure so well under pressure.


mERCury6l6's picture

it is still much too early to tell if Lesner will become a great, or a one time fizzle.