Cage Rage: July 2nd

The card looks like this for saturday the 2nd of July in Monticello, IN:

Expect these exciting fights in Monticello, IN for July 2nd's Cage Rage!:

Lightweight (145) Title- Main Fight:
David "Dr" Love Vs "Krazy" Kenny Garrett
This fight will be a gaurunteed slug fest! Kenny is fast and strong and doesn't care if he throws anything but fists all night. David is much smoother and contains a different kind of power through precision; he will stand as long as Kenny wants to. Translation: some one leaves on a stretcher.

160 Pound Interrim Title Shot:
Josh "the Loki Devil" Vancza VS Chris "Very" Higi
This is a rematch! In the first fight, Higi took it to Vanzca for two rounds-- beating on his face from standing guard before getting caught in a slick "Loki Devil" armbar. Josh is an interesting guy as you may have noticed by his nick name. He is one of the most exciting fighters on the Cage Rage circuit. Higi is calm at all times and has a mood of, " if you haven't lost you haven't fought anyone." One of these guys was supposed to fight Justin Herbst for the title, but Herbst got his hand crushed in a work related accident so I set the shot for an interrim so neither fighter would be denied it. In the mean time, Justin was cleared by his doctor and begged to fight in this show. I had already set this fight so that was not going to change; however, I matched the third main fight of the night as:
Justin "the Punisher" Herbst vs. Wayne "Mr. Nice Guy" Bogard
"Mr. Nice Guy" ( he comes out to "no More Mr Nice Guy") has fought for me at three different weights: he fought 200 in his first matches and found that he was more suited for 185, but eventually moved down to 170 where he found a great deal of success fighting and defending his title for almost 2 years. Him and Herbst had words at some point back stage. At their request, I matched the two at 165 pounds. Herbst came across with a hail of punches and knees in the second round then backed off and threw a high kick tot eh left jaw of Bogard which stunned him. Bogard fell into the fence and held on not to fall down. Herbst unleashed with punches as did Bogard. Suddenly, The Punisher was flailing across the ring as if trying to catch himself then fell against the fence. Bogard (true to his name) stood over Justin and never attempted to throw another punch walking back to his corner knowing the fight was over. This was an unbelieveable fight and one no one should miss the opportunity to see it again.
Rounding out the main card is local favorites with major stopping power:
Jeremy "Headhunter" Brown vs. Steve "Musclehead" Connelly
Steve is coming off another big win in teh April show winning the four man tournament. He's lean and mean and has the strength of two men. His ability to stand and bang has been questioned so we will find out on July 2nd how well he holds up to this test. Jeremy is coming off a big win as well from Monte Cox in ICE He has taken advantage of the momentum and feels confident in his ability to throw hard leather. This will be a war as these two are not exactly friendly towards one another. Both fighters draw large crowds and the winner goes on to fight Sean Salle for the title at 185 in November at my Lafaytte venue.
Other fights include:
Mark "the Destroyer" Rush vs. Josh Blanchard

205 pound tournament
Bill "Knuckles" Perry VS Jim Ausban
Brent Weidman VS Dan "Danimal" McMillian

135 tournament
Jason "The Flash" Jones VS Ryan Door
Damon Wallace VS James Davis

Heavy weights
Wood VS Rob King
Mike "Sandman" Pruit VS TBA

170/180 pound classes (match ups undecided):
Brian Fielder VS TBA
David Henderson VS TBA
Brent Stott VS TBA
Chaz Robinson VS TBA
Wayne Odle VS TBA
Dale Bogard VS TBA

150 single fight
Chad Gauldin VS Chad Radke

Get tickets at the venue, from any of your favorite fighters or just call (765) 210-0123.



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Cage Rage usually throws a pretty good show. Alot of the Local guys have fought over there at some point, and you can always see a whos who of local "celebrity" fighters at the shows.

Dont ask the question if you REALLY DONT want to hear the answer!

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Tim are you going? I can try to see if we can get you a press pass?