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Pushing Yourself To A Brand New Level While Working Out

Pushing Yourself To A Brand New Level While Working Out

For a competitive Brazil Jiu Jitsu grappler, your workouts should always have a purpose!  Obviously, the most blatant purpose is that you want to become a better physical athlete, allowing you to do certain things that your opponents can’t.

Atos Jiu Jitsu Workout Circuit

If your looking for a good circuit workout, look no further. Check out this awesome Jiu-Jitsu training circuit from the Atos team.

X Guard Drill With Clark Gracie

Clark Gracie shows a great x-guard drill with Grappleart's Stephan Kesting in their friends basement. You have to love a friend who has mats in the basement!

I love drills like this that teach us how to switch from one side to the other when our opponent changes their weight distribution or base structure.  

10th Planet Open Guard Drills

Drill, Drill, Drill Check out this video of some 10th planet students drilling their open guard sweeps...

BJJ Speed Drills

Dennis Asche of Connection Rio shares some great BJJ Speed drills. Grab a partner and try some of these out today!

More Mitts With Will

Will McKasson from shares another one of his insightful mitt routines with us. This time big Will covers the left slip step, double left hook, Step pivot, straight, hook, straight, double roll right hook, left hook, right leg kick, thrust kick. Practice this routine a few times and let us know what you think.

Mitt Drill Slip 1,6,3 Duck 3,2,3 Body, 3 Head Pivot, 2,3, Right Elbow Push Low Kick

From Lockflow's friend Will with shares a fun focus mitt drill:

"A focus mitt combination with ducking, pivoting punches and elbows. The video gets a tiny bit blurry at the end, sorry about that!"

30 Animal Solo Grappling Drills by Jason Scully

I made a solo drills video of me doing 33 drills back to back all at once and it lasted about 7 minutes and it caught me off' guard because it has received a huge amount of positive feedback.

You can find that video on my YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing it.

Since it did so well, I decided to put together another solo  drills compilation video of 30 solo grappling drills but all of them are related to animal movements.

A Great Side Control Drill

Guys, I had posted this video a while back just now decided to promote,

Everyone is talking about drills nowadays and I agree 100%.


Only sparring does not make you better makes you tough.


Imagine a marathoner running a marathon everyday...


A little mistake that a lot of BJJ practitioners make.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Micro Transitional Drilling

Lloyd Irvin breaks down his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Micro Transitional Drilling System. This is a must watch video for any coaches/competitors looking to raise the level of their game.

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