Develop an explosive guard (heavybag workout)

This is an exercise I developed when wanting to improve my guard. I learned the basic exercise in class but adding the heavy bag really makes it a challenge. By about a month, I was noticing how much better I was able to control my oppnents. I could easily break their posture and my sweeps went from a 20% success rate to around 80. I don't attribute this to mere strength but to developing explosive moves. Good luck with this and let me know how much your improve with it.

  • Starting Position
  • Sqeeze your legs the entire time. Keep your elbows in.
  • 2
  • Swing your head to the right.
  • 3
  • Now use your hips and legs to complete the first move.
  • 4
  • Continue this motion till you're back to the start.
  • 5
  • .
  • 6
  • .
  • 7
  • .
  • 8
  • .
  • 9
  • .
  • 10
  • .
  • 11
  • Back home. Now go the other way. See ya!!!


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Thanks for the technique! I'll make some of my guys do it !!

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So you are 'shrimping' yourself around in a circle with the heavybag held tightly in guard?

When you described it before I envisioned your spining the heavybag rather than your body, kinda like those little Japanese guys that flips tables and chairs around with their feet.

I'll try it out as soon as I get a chance. Thanks,

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no, you actually lift or drag the bag around just after you turn your head to the right.. you'll see it's very hard to simply move your body around the bag.

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WOW..............never would have thought of that?????how did you think of it???

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hey, we do 360's at my school and i thought, let's make it harder Smile

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i like this a lot very good!!!

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Interesting... I wonder if I coudl do it with the mma dummy we have... since there are no loose bags lying around.

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i don't see why.. how much does that thing weigh???

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Yeah,I was waiting for the pics on this.I was tellin'my guys about it and they thought it was an awesome idea.Thanx..

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Thanks man. I'm surprised it improved your guard so much. I'll let you know if mine improves as well.


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Looks great thanks for the idea.

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Gonna try this. Looks like a good drill.

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Nice drill, keeps you in a nice tight guard, plus good shrimping drill

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did this one yesterday. what a great workout!

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i will definately try this one, i need to work on my back and this looks really good.

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Thanks for the drill! Can't wait to see the results over the next few months.

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This look like a great drill and I am sure it will only help. I bet it was tougher than expected at first.


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Incorporates a good amount of muscles, flexors, abductors, abs...good stuff!

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Hmm...nice technique, keep em coming!

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This is an amazing drill. I make my guys work the bag from left to right as well as punch it 25 times each side (total of 50) and then work the 360. When back in start position they do a second set then 360 the opposite direction. Its a killer workout! Great post thanks!

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this is great for hip ups also. i agree with 98 dawg, punching the bag or bringing elbows are great warm ups while youre doing this. you can even mix it up by sweeping to a mounted position and practicing gnp.

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I love this drill, it really develops strong hip muscles. I like to mix in strikes too.

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This was a hot workout smoked the hell out of my abs and hip flexers. I added short elbows upon the head turn. But this is bad ass.

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Awesome workout. I am going to use this a lot in my training. Thanks!!

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Love this. I'm going to work it into my routine this week. Thanks.

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A purple belt just told me I have a really strong guard. I'll take that to mean that he means "strong" and not "good", since he eventually passed it. Still though, I think this drill had to do with why it was so strong.

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Great drill!! Have been using it for a couple of weeks and I already can tell the difference.

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I saw this in a book by Mark Hatmaker... it isreally neat. Seeing as i dont really use the closed gaurd, this is one that i am going to start doing. I have a great open gaurd, but i need to start working my closed gaurd too.

*come on legs... grow LONGER*


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I'm surprised it's in a Mark Hatmaker book. I bought his heavybag workout video and it was nowhere to be found. I knew this exercise was working the day I started pushing the big guys around while they were in my guard. Keeps them off balance. I'm glad all of you like the idea. Thanks also for adding the punching and elbows idea to it. I'll try that tomorrow..

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i like this exercise, when i do this i also throw elbows and other strikes to work on my multi tasking while working my guard, both very essential

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This looks great. Would be more fun if the bag was actually hanging though... >:-)

-Joe Miles

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i do a similiar drill with an MMA dummy where i use my butterfly guard to lift the dummy barely off the ground and shrimp in a circle slowly... then once it starts burnning and i bout to put it down i throw a sweep or put it into my high guard (lately tho i have been trying to transition to a spider guard... the shin on bicep one)

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got a tournament coming up. started this great drill again. 1-5 min round between leg drills . abs burn

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Good stuff.

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How long and how often do you drill this?

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