MMA warm up or conditioning routine

Here is one of my basic warm up or conditioning drills for MMA fighters. It can also be done easy during travelling. You just need a rubber band and a jumping rope in your suitcase. As weights you can use small water bottles.

Workout time is 1 minute, then 5 to max. 10 sec. for position change.

For warm up, doing the routine one time is enough. For conditioning, do as many rounds as you like. If you have any more favorite drills just add them to the routine, be creative.


  • Rope skipping
  • Rope skipping in your favorite style
  • Crouch jump
  • One jump legs inside, one jump legs outside of your hands.
  • Bridging with rubber band
  • Bridge explosive to left and right side.
  • Lunges
  • Deep lunges with left and right leg.
  • Push ups
  • Push ups, if have no grips ,don´t mind.
  • Latpull with rubber band
  • Pull back and up your ellbows.
  • Boxing with weights
  • If have no weights, just take small waterbottles.
  • Squat and curl
  • Deep squats and strong curls.
  • Ground and pound
  • 10 strikes, then change position and 10 strikes again..
  • Crunching bug
  • Deep contract and work with your abs.
  • Pelvic lifts
  • Lift up your pelvis 10 times, then change the leg and 10 times lift up again....
  • Hindu push ups
  • 5 times roll forward, 5 times roll backwards....


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that looks brutal. thanks!


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dont u also need some type of bag for ground and pound part


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Thanks for the drill!

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Dear eagles51493, you got me. On the road for ground and pound I try to find a pillow or something from the couch. When you use open hands for slaps it´s safe enough for the hands.

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or you could even get one of those inflatable bags. they arent too bad... abd id prolly change a few exercises every week or so working that muscle confusion.. saying that you do this on a regular basis.. p90x has some great ab, back, chest, and well they got good stuff for just about every thing.


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Used. Its nice, adds some new things to the routine.

Catchin blows to your damn dome!