ESC Results!!!!!

A huge thank you to all who came out and competed. You guys and girls made the tournament exciting and fun! Thank you so much.


Kids Gi 60-80lbs      1st Howie Hare 2nd Russel Hare 3rd Dane Nager

Kids Gi 60-110lbs    1st Terrill Martinez 2nd Collin Nager 3rd Nickeem Beers

Kids 115-above       1st Eddie 2nd Wyatt Madracek

Teenagers Gi           1st Matties Kirk 2nd Adreus Wilson 3rd Nick Gifford

Womens Blue Belt   1st Sonja Sillan 2nd Hadley Elston

Mens White Belt 140-155   1st Alvin Matic 2nd Tino Lascano 3rd Shawn Carter

Mens White Belt 155-170 & 170-185lbs    1st Kyle McCoy 2nd Anthony Estampedor 3rd James Lillie

Mens White Belt 185-205lbs    1st Isaiah Johnson 2nd Jon Giammalvo 3rd Leonardo Scusa

Mens Blue Belt 140-155 & 155-170   1st Kyle Kautzman 2nd Jake Blaski 3rd Sonja Sillian

Mens Blue Belt 170-185 & 185-205   1st Andrew Cunningham 2nd Darin Loth 3rd Andrew Traynham

Mens Purple & Brown Belt     1st Riley Wiseman 2nd Bryan Alverez 3rd Davis Diosdado

Kids No Gi 50-60lbs   1st Russel Hare 2nd Dane Nager 3rd Rees Knudson

Kids No Gi 90-110lbs   1st Collin Nager 2nd Xavior Ashby 3rd Joseph Hudson

Kids No Gi 75-85lbs     1st Nickeem Beers 2nd Howie Hare 3rd James Ashby

Kids No Gi 110lbs above   1st Terrill Martinez 2nd Eddie 3rd Wyatt Madracek

Teen No Gi 16-17 yrs    1st Adacus Wilson 2nd Anthony Mendoza 3rd Tye Rodne

Teen No Gi 14-15 yrs    1st Mattias Kirk 2nd Nick Gifford 3rd Andrew Ellis

Womens No Gi         1st Jessica Jackson 2nd Julia Jones 3rd Hadley Elston

Mens No Gi 170-185 Beg. & Int. Comb    1st Drrick Brown 2nd Brandon Gilbertson 3rd Danny Thompson

Mens No Gi <140 Beg. & Int. Comb    1st Hunter Clagett 2nd Alvin Matic 3rd Chris Jenkins

Mens No Gi 140-155 Beg.       1st Tino Lazcano 2nd Thomas Schmidt 3rd Leong Lee

Mens No Gi 140-155 Int. & Adv. Comb   1st Riley Wiseman 2nd Jake Blaski 3rd Luke Stilling

Mens No Gi 155-170lbs Beg. & Int. Comb    1st Kyle Kautzman 2nd Ryan Schecterson 3rd Shane Collins

Mens No Gi 205 Above Beg.      1st Taylor Hale 2nd Brad Springberg

Mens No Gi 205 Above Int.    1st Todd Ware 2nd Matt Kovacs

Mens No Gi 185-205 Beg. & Int. Comb    1st Keith Rankins 2nd Andrew Cunningham

Mens No Gi 170-185 Adv.     1st Nick Wallick 2nd Davis Diosdado

Mens Absolute Nick Wallick

Fastest Submission Collin Nager 8 second Telephone Arm Lock

Best Submission 28 sec. Saturday Night Ride Joey Hudson

Most Team Wins Team Wise 50 individual wins

Next Event Aug 10th!!!