Anyone have this book?

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looks interesting..

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Heard about this book coming out. Not much more than that. Could be interesting.

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If forrest is in it and the ipad approves I will get it.

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If you get it, let us know know how it is!

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had it reserved on amazon for about a year, then last month they said sorry its been so long, we have no clue when its comming out and cancelled my pre order

... then i see its out this month, lol- them's the breaks

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It already came out?

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Interesting....never even knew it was coming out.  Cant wait to hear about it! Tongue

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looks cool

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hello, how's it going. i do own a copy of this book. it actually came out last week just before christmas. & yes if you are even slightly curious as to "should i get this book?" answer is YES!! it has a lot of material exclusive to this book, including some previews of Neil Melanson's techniques from his up coming release( whenever that may be, FINGERS CROSSED) this release is like the ground fighting version of the previous victory belt book ( The Ultimate Mixed Martial Artist: The Fighter's Manual to Striking Combinations, Takedowns, the Clinch and Cage Tactics )  so in a way, this is part two. As in it follows the same format as the previous book's layout, but covering groundwork. The cool thing on this book is the fighting strategies covered in each position, such as from a striker's view when in the butterfly guard, the wrestler's view from half-guard bottom, generalist(all-around) view frrom the guard etc.. very nicely detailed & just another winner from victory belt. You won't be disappointed to say the least. Unless of course you really liked bio's from each fighter, where sadly there's none here, but leaves more room for techniques. Hope this review gives a little idea of what to expect. Smile

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