Foods to eat while cutting weight?

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Does anybody have any tasty recipes for foods to eat while cutting weight? Peanut butter sandwichs get a bit old...

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steak. I go as close to the Paleo diet as I can. No grains (performance is far better since cutting them completely the last few weeks before a fight). but eating steak, chicken, fish, etc is great Smile

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I second 'The Eternal Fire's' comment- Straight caveman is the way to go. Our ancestors were the healthiest people in history.

Caveman menu- Lean meats, fruit, veges, nuts, eggs

Some of my favorite recipes are- 3 egg omlet with spincah and salsa, shredded steak or chicken over spinach with salsa, sweet potatoe with cinnamon and a tsp light butter. Oh and Jennie-O turkey burgers are really good as well.

Salsa makes any vegetable taste awesome and it really has nothing in it to ruin your diet.

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THese are all good thanks

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Vegetables vegetables vegetables.  Screw the peanut butter sandwich, it ain't gonna do nothing for you.  Vegetables help with the recovery of your muscles and nervous system.  Vegetables are also very filling and will keep you satisfied.   

Stick to vegetables and light proteins (chicken, fish, egg whites). 

I don't know why you are eating bread if you are trying to cut weight?

For those eating steak (beef).  Beef is hard to digest.  A portion of beef is smaller than your fist.  I would avoid this condensed protein while trying to cut weight.  Might be okay to eat 4 - 6 weeks away from competition, but not okay to eat within 4 weeks of your performance. 

Hope my nutrition advice helps. 

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I eat red meat about twice a week, even when cutting weight, and havent had any problems. My metabolism is mediocre and Ive noticed that when I cut out fat I tend to store it more. Fat also helps to regulate testosterone levels which will keep your strength up. Yes, beef is hard to digest but protein in general is hard to break down.

Not saying that zombiekev is wrong but every person's body is different. Ive been cutting weight since age 15 (Im almost 30 now) and have gotten to know what works for my body type the best over the years.

If you dont want to eat alot of beef there are alternatives like- almonds and other nuts, olive oil, and fatty fish such as salmon etc.

"Courage is endurance for one moment more"- Unknown Vietnam vet

"If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle."- Rickson Gracie

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Yeah, great stuff from all Smile

I personally cut out almost all red meat after learning how much is in most people's intestines undigested... A buddy of mine cut 8 pounds by simply cutting out red meat. Kinda scary heh.

I keep mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, raisins, oranges, apples, grapefruit, bananas, granola etc by my desk and graze all day. A little every hour or so.

Green tea is a good one as well.

If it's water weight, avoid salts (cut soda/pop completely out, that crap is worthless).

There's my bit to add to the madness heh.


- Dave.

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