How do I gain muscle??

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Im relatively lean. But to gain mass, do I have to completely cut out cardio?

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Cardio is important brutha, especially if you're an athlete.

Look into your supplementation& the general food you eat. Also your gym regime, go heavy with lower reps.

Always maintain your cardio, you need it to help you gain muscle.

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and eat clean and a lot if you are a hard gainer. But if you are muscular too, you just hit a platoo, rest a little and change your routine.

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cardio isn't going to hurt anything.

Eat healthy, look into protein and make sure you're getting good nutrients.

Powerlifting is a great way to gain mass. Bench Press, Squats, Deadlifts, Powercleans,Shoulder Shrugs, lower reps (after warm up, maybe focus on 8 down to 6,5,4, and even 1 rep; maybe 5 reps on deadlifts or squats and powercleans). Work on form and technique, not hurting yourself (lift with a weighb belt)

Avoid junk food, drinking, and someone said change things up if you hit the plateau (mix up the routine you found yourself in) I'd say even if you tried this for 2-3 months 4-6 x per week, proper protein, etc, I'd say you would bulk up and add mass. I used to try to drink gallon of milk a day.

I ended wrestling 129 my senior year. By the end of school (june), I weighted 185 and was a strong young man. Squats, deadlifts, and bench will do it.

Of course there are all kinds of exercises one could do that do not entail any iron.

Good luck. I would also say that there is no need for protein shakes if you are eating right.


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Cardio is important for your athletic performance, but it will be more difficult to gain mass while doing it.

You need the extra calories from consumption, especially if your are a hard gainer (i.e. fast metabolism).

It is easier to dial down or cut out the cardio, and then resume a reasonable diet and cardio schedule after you have reached your goal.

That being "said", you have to keep in mind your other goals if you are a fighter.grappler.

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It took me a long time to admit, but an important question to ask in the beginning is "why" you want to gain muscle. Strength gains, especially for someone younger or just starting a training program, initially occur independently from muscle size. Other than for aesthetic reasons or bodybuilding, more muscle does not automatically equal better performance. In simple terms, presuming you're doing some sort of weight/resistance training program, adding and retaining muscle means your daily caloric intake must be greater than the amount of calories you expend because it is impossible to add muscle if you are burning more calories than you consume. The tricky part is figuring out how much more, as a huge excess will be either excreted or stored as body fat.

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Horse meat.


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The best advice I can give you is, if you have the resources, get "Huge in a Hurry" by Chad Waterbury. It is an easy read and really explains why you're doing it, how it works, and was pretty effective for me. I was really tired of books and articles telling me to do this and that and not really explaining why or how it affects your system.

If you read Fight! magazine then you should be familiar with Chad's articles.

For me, it worked really well. I had always been a lighter guy around 125-135, but I was competing at 145+. With his program I upped my deadlift 80+ pounds, squat by about the same, and am doing wide grip pull-ups with 10% of my weight and dips with 25% (if not more). Strength came about and so did muscle. I'm still pretty light, but thicker and more cut. (I have had a 2 month lay off but will be going back to a program soon)

Visit a bookstore and check out or check out where he's selling it for $16.29. Hope this helps you man!

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+1 gazillion to LSBJJ's post. That's a good neigh...borly advice Smile

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