judo gis vs bjj gis

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I have always liked judo gis better then bjj gis. first judo gis are almost always cheaper then bjj gi's. bjj gis also tend to be really stiff i think this is one of the reasons that i find they don't last as long as judo gis and judo gis also tend go through the wash better without wearing out. does anybody else feel this way or am i alone.

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I used to have a BJJ gi but now I have a Judo gi. The Judo gi is definitely looser, durable, and more forgiving on the knuckles. My old BJJ Gi was a Kikskin Gi and I actually preferred it because the fit wasn't loose. I had worn it in really nice and well, it fit perfectly and then some dude tore the crotch open with a standing ankle lock. Not bad for two years.

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A BJJ gi is basically a Judo gi cut like a Karate gi.
(and more expensive because the demand is higher)


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^^^ Good information to have. Do you know what the logic is for one cut over the other or have any personal experience stories related to each one?

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I have a Judo Gi, BJJ Gi and a Karate Gi. A middle weight Kartate Gi has held up pretty well in grappling training but if is didn't the great thing it was 20 bucks.

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@DRay, The Judo gi is built for grabbing and tugging that's why it thicker then a regular Karate or Tae Know-Do gi (which will rip and tear). In the old days the used Judo gis in BJJ because they didn't rip or tear. But the top of the Judo gi was too big for pure grappling. Feet would get caught in the sleeves, the long top would prohibit movement, etc. So someone decided to make a smaller top (like a karate gi) out of the judo gi material and the rest is history.


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i have all three gi's but prefer the bjj gi because the karate gi gets ripped easily and the judo gi has really wide sleeves which makes it easy for your opponent to control your hands and arms

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