Leg scissors of death!!!-vid

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LOL .. esp love the part when he just lays there...

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?????????? What the heck was that? Double tea bag to reverse scissor choke? Was that a real match? Or Puro Rasu (sp)? And yes, his just lay there technique was awesome.

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That to me is awesome....that is some serious scissor strength.

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i just did the robot in celebration

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Yeah thats NOT something we purposely drill...i wonder why????

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rpatrizzi wrote:
That to me is awesome....that is some serious scissor strength.

+1 That was cool :lol:

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Bigfisch wrote:
i just did the robot in celebration


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I like it!

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One question. Where do I get little shorts like that? :P

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jman wrote:
LOL .. esp love the part when he just lays there...

yeah, that really threw them off, hahaha!


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The scissor is an old catch wrestling hold.

You could either submit an opponent or circle around and pin him.

Now adays in folkstyle, since the scissors been banned, we figure four the head and have an armbar (a wrestling one not a submission one), circle round, and the guy flips over giving you a pin.

As for the vid, you could see the guy was squeezing around the area where the carotid arteries are, which is why the guy getting scissored passed out.

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Ok, someone is getting leg scissored today! Or maby I'll just stick with not being completely ridiculous. However, the just lay there move was great.

Here to add my support.

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Someone's been using their ThighMaster! :wink:

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Its legit!! As mentioned its oldschool catchwrestling, we are talking serious old school points here. On the top of my hand I think it is Deep 5 where there also are a legit choke ya to sleep leg scissor submission done.

Fun thing is that in Gothenburgs shootfighting crew that nowadays is a modern mma school but where the old timers got those legit catchwrestling roots through pancrase style shootfighting. Anyhow one day the headcoach showed the guys this old legscissor submission just to spice things up, the thing that he didnt expect was that all the guys went leg scissor crazy after having seen how its done and spent the rest of the session legscissoring eachother. It even went so far that some of the guys developed it as their favourite sub.
I know among others one of the up and comming mma fighters from that group, Hamit Aktas won an profesionall mma fight somewhere in an European mma event last year with a legscissor.

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hell ya i use the thigh master!! cant wait to leg scissor someone to death :twisted:

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It's such a shit move, but it works if you're surprised by it, or somehow otherwise unable to stop it from cutting off the blood to your brain.

It's a catch move. A SHITTY catch move. My old instructor used to use it, which I hated, and my current instructor uses it sometimes, and I'll say "THAT'S NOT A F@#$ING SUBMISSION". It's a "Look how much better I am than you" sort of move.

The last time (and only time in the last 5 years) that I tapped to a leg scissors, I had just insufflated 400mgs of demerol and STILL thought "My God, this is stupid", but I was gassed beyond gassing and was afraid I might not wake up if I got choked out.

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mjollnar wrote:
Someone's been using their ThighMaster! :wink:

haha yea really

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