Organic T's

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Please visit for Organic MMA and Tattoo inspired T's


Inner Strength Publishing

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cool T's, I like the Samurai ones

disclaimer: I am not a fighter, coach, or blackbelt. I am a nerd with a laptop and an internet connection who happens to love martial arts and MMA.

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so what do proccesed tee's have in them? lol

I'm also on Facebook


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Hahaha, I'm reading this and I realized I'm wearing my organic cotton socks right now. It's the only organic article of clothing that I own. I like them very much. They were more expensive than average socks, but it's nice to know that the cotton field they came from isn't a source of chemical contamination of the environment. I rarely buy clothes anyways, why not buy something organic when I do, and then I'm really careful with it because it has more value to me than my other clothes. Same goes for food. When I buy the cheap dollar store produce, I might forget that I bought it until I find it rotting in the back of the fridge. When I buy an organic apple, I keep it carefully refridgerated and I make sure I eat it within three days.

Oh, and Food Inc. is a must-see documentary. Personally, I'm vegan, so the meat aspects of it don't affect me the same way they do all of you.

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