Steve-O Breaks Nose on Mike Tyson's Fist!!!

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If any of you watched the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen the other night (Which, by the way, was hilarious) you witnessed Steve-O of Jackass fame attempt to pulverize his own face by taking a flying leap into Mike Tyson's static fist!
If you watched during the end credits of the show, just when it looked like it was over, Steve-O makes a second attempt, shocking everyone when he stands up with a broken, bloody faucet of a nose.
Pictures soon arose of Steve-O's success in receiving not only one, but TWO black eyes from Iron Mike, which was his original goal.

The link below has a video of the incident:

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Saw the roast, there were some funny parts but overall it wasn't one of the best ones they've done. Steve-O's first attempt was pretty weak.

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