Gabe Ruediger: Looking Forward


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I'm excited to see Gabe vs. George!

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It's unfair, but I can never get passed the fact he would choose a colonic over a sauna.

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That article made him look allright, but the show didnt do him any justice, especially since it was a first impresion on a lot of people. I knew from the start he was going to be a problem, the way he acted, talked, I thought he was a little light in the sneakers, the whole colonic thing didnt help and crying over nothin'??

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Thanks for the Interview Marshall and Gabe

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Cant wait will be fun ! Good luck to all fighters see ya on the 30th

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its going to take me some time to accept him as a fighter after the wiegh-in issue.

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He made a big mistake. He knew was going to be on the show and did not prepare.

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He dug himself a hole when he didn't make weight. He's a good fighter it's gonna take him a minute to get himself out of the hole he dug.

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I agree, he should have passed his spot in the show down to another fighter that would have had the drive. You just don't just come on the show after being chosen from thousands of fighters that want their shot on TUF, Gabe cam on there and totally embarrasssed everything he trained for, all of his past trainers, and dojos he has ever been. If i trained him and seen what he did on the show i wouldn't allow him back on my Mats point blank. One day i am gonna make it and i will fight him just to show what a little bit of hard work and dedication really means in the world of MMA wouldn't you guys agree?

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10-4, from a trainers stand point I agree. However, I would let him back, he would have to prove himself to me. Everyone diserves a second chance, if they want it bad enough.

"I am who I am, because of who I used to be." - Hurricane

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He was WEC champ...

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It's hard to take him seriously after the show. The fake passing out when he was in the Sauna, crying, the whispered "put me back in" crap. The guy should be in movies not in the ring!!!!

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ok he missed weight again Laughing out loud, now I have to say thats just sad its 110 deg outside I can't walk a block without losing 3lbs and he misses his weight by 2lbs?

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I will try again tomorrow"

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Decent article. Nice to know he got that fire back, as he sure as hell didn't seem to have it on the show (also certain that editing didn't help...but still).
If he missed weight again for his 1st fight after "an 11 month lay off from fighting" then that is just sad.
Maybe he should consider moving up to 170 instead.

Adam "Warlock"

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the contract was re-negotiated and Gabe made contract weight.

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haha making weight sucks
but being gabe would suck more


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It going to take a long time to get over him disgracing all the young, up and coming 155 pounders out there who can make weight, and for him to not make weight again is even worse. He has no respect for his opponents in not making weight. I am not going to wish him ill will or anything like that, but I think he needs to really look deep inside and figure out why he can't keep the motivation and drive to make weight. Maybe he even needs to ask himself if he needs to move up a weight class.

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