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Berimbolo Knockdown Breakdown

Berimbolo Knockdown Breakdown

One of our old friends here at Lockflow is a man named Aesopian. Aesopian contributed a bunch of techniques to our database before youtube became so prominant in our lives.  His techniques have always been very informative. 

Aesopian recently released a video where breaks down some of the methods for knocking down your opponent in order to begin the Berimbolo. The Berimbolo is popular and tricky, inverted, back taking move. Check it out:


How to do a flying omoplata

We have all seen flying armbars and flying triangles in the UFC, Mixed martial arts and grappling events. When was the last time you saw a flying omoplata? I personally have never seen any fighter land one in competition, but maybe with this video, i'll see one soon.

Check out this video from David Younan and Submission Radio on how to nail this crazy submission:


The Undefendable, Top Secret Mount Escape

The Undefendable, Top Secret  Mount Escape

This just might be one of the finest techniques I have come across in my almost 20 years of grappling. Unfortunately, this is a gi version. I will be working on a no-gi version of this technique tomorrow. I think as long as my opponents happen to be wearing belts to hold up their pants or an athletic supporter I might stand a chance.

Props to Christian Graugart of BJJ Globetrotter for this entertaining move. 

Side-By-Side Arm lock From An Arm Entanglement

Side-By-Side Arm lock From An Arm Entanglement

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and Lockflow Sub-C referee Brian Johnson breaks down the very technical "Entangled Arm Lock" to a Side-By-Side Arm lock in a way that anyone can understand and follow.

It looks like Mr Johnson will soon be releasing a DVD as this video is listed as "Entangled Arm DVD" preview, thats good news for all of us!   

OOPS... "Goodnight Choke" by Romulo Barral

Romulo Barral shows an outstanding gi choke in this instructional and in the process accidentally chokes out his opponent! Watch below.

BJJ: The Worm Guard

Check out this awesome BJJ Scout Breakdown of Keenan Cornelius's "Worm Guard"

Cody Houston Shows His Reverse Triangle

Hey Lockflow, I would like to introduce you to Cody Houston of CageWorx MMA in Port Angeles, WA as he shows us one of his favorite techniques. 

This Reverse Triangle from Modified Kesa Gatame is a great technique in both BJJ and MMA. Professor Cody Houston gives us a few details which can make this technique just dope for your grappling/MMA game.

Mr. Houston teaches at CageWorx MMA in Port Angeles, WA and if you are in the area you should run (not walk) to the CageWorx gym and get your membership today.

Rafael Mendes Guard Passing Analysis - The Grapplers Guide

This is an in depth highlight analysis of one of the best BJJ competitors in the world...Rafael Mendes! While Rafael is well known for his superb guard game, his passing game sometimes doesn't get talked about enough...Even though him and his brother Gui are who revolutionized the leg drag pass. This video is broken down in the following sections:

1. Lower Level Base Into Raised Level Attack
2. Pant and Leg Control
3. Active Posting
4. Leg Stapling and Leg Wipers
5. Leaning Leg Drag Pass
6. Redirection And Pass From Opponent's Leg Swing

Guard Passing Study - The Stomp And The Hammer

Here is a nice little study on the guard passing of Swedish World BJJ Champion Sebastian Brosche narrated by

Brandon Quick Shares 3 Flower Sweep Options

The flower sweep has long been a favorite sweep of mine. One of my students used this sweep en-route to a professional MMA title victory! Even though I'm a no-gi player, I really appreciate these options from longtime friend Brandon Quick.

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