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Rafael Mendes Guard Passing Analysis - The Grapplers Guide

This is an in depth highlight analysis of one of the best BJJ competitors in the world...Rafael Mendes! While Rafael is well known for his superb guard game, his passing game sometimes doesn't get talked about enough...Even though him and his brother Gui are who revolutionized the leg drag pass. This video is broken down in the following sections:

1. Lower Level Base Into Raised Level Attack
2. Pant and Leg Control
3. Active Posting
4. Leg Stapling and Leg Wipers
5. Leaning Leg Drag Pass
6. Redirection And Pass From Opponent's Leg Swing

Guard Passing Study - The Stomp And The Hammer

Here is a nice little study on the guard passing of Swedish World BJJ Champion Sebastian Brosche narrated by

Brandon Quick Shares 3 Flower Sweep Options

The flower sweep has long been a favorite sweep of mine. One of my students used this sweep en-route to a professional MMA title victory! Even though I'm a no-gi player, I really appreciate these options from longtime friend Brandon Quick.

Robson Moura With A Pass To The Back Or Triangle

Some beautiful BJJ in this technique video from Robson Moura


The Gerbi Choke

Is it a technique a Peruvian Necktie? Is it a Collar Choke? I have no clue.

Maybe it's a Peruvian Collar Choke. Well, until someone corrects me, I'm gonna call this awesome technique a "Gerbi Choke" - named after Israel BJJ competitor Yarden Gerbi who not only nails the move, but puts her opponent to sleep with it in this video footage from the World Judo competion finals in Rio 2013.

Thanks to Riley Wiseman for sharing this video with us.


Clark Gracie Shows Us His Unstoppable Omoplata

We gotta give a shout out to the gang over at BJJLibrary for making this great video available. Watch Clark Gracie break down this crazy omoplata he got in live competition!

9 Submission Attacks Using Opponents Lapel From Side Control

Learn 9 ways to take your opponent's Gi and use it against them from cross body in this video from Terry Maxwell 

Let's Talk De La Riva Guard

In this video, David Morcegao does a great job of showing how to maintain and hold the de la Riva guard.

Grip Fight - Stop Arm Control From Foot - Jason Scully

Recently someone asked me a question about how he can stop his opponent from controlling his arm with their foot.

Basically, he was in their De La Riva guard and his opponent had a cross collar grip on them which was breaking their posture and they were using their foot to stop him from successfully using his left arm to help him work the pass.

This is actually a very common situation that happens a lot. This happens not just in the situation explained above but also when you are in your opponent's general open guard.

The Sword And The Shield With James "300" Foster

James "300" Foster is not only a heck of cool guy, a member, a guy with an awesome haircut with the beard of power, a bad-ass competitor but he just happens to also be a great instructor. Check out this grappling concept video of Mr. Foster talking about his "Sword and Shield" method  for in your opponents guard defense and never be submitted from this position again.

Thanks to our friend Ari and Submissions101 for this video.


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