Anaconda Choke

Whether you know it as the Anaconda Choke, Nog Choke, Gator Roll or the Rolling Arm Triangle Choke. This technique has become popular due to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's success with it on the PPV MMA events. Here is Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira himself demonstrating the move he helped make famous.

  • Step 1
  • Mino's opponent shoots for his right leg
  • Step 2
  • Mino Sprawls driving his right hip downward
  • Step 3
  • Mino reaches his left hand between his opponent's right shoulder and head (no arm)and grips the tricep on the other side
  • close up
  • Close up of the grip
  • Step 4
  • Mino triangles his arm and grips up high onto his opponent's back as he drives his left bicep as deep as possible into his opponents neck.
  • Step 5
  • Mino drops to his right hip while kicking his right leg under his left
  • Step 5
  • Using the arm triangle grip, Mino torques his upperbody to the left - forcing his opponent to roll
  • Step 7
  • Staying with the roll -Mino brings his opponent all the way over his chest
  • Step 8
  • Completeing the roll, Mino squeezes his arms tightly with particular attention to his left bicep pressure into the neck


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Yes! My favorite choke! I find "walking" towards they guy after step 8 helps too.

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awesome! thanks.

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This maneuver is one I find myself landing very frequently. It's somewhat easy to withstand, however. What I like to do is on the roll, continue through to side mount. It tightens the choke even more AND gains excellent position. Gator roll FTW.

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I agree L-Train!

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good job one this one!

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this is awesome, but i find doing it the other side (like aoki and mayhem do it) even better.

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Cool. I'll use that after a sprawl.

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In the step 8, if the opponent doesn't tap, you can move your legs forward, like you were walking. It will cause much more pressure under his neck and he will tap immediatly.

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I haven't tried this enough yet. Can I hook one leg to my opponent's back so he can't walk backward? Or put his in a half guard or something? Thanks!

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absolutely gr8!! watch im a serpent...Muahaha...

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I thought the anaconda was when you have both: a body triangle with your legs and a choke on the neck from the rear, since you actually have them completely wrapped up like an anaconda snake would do to it's prey.

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To me this is still just an ARM TRIANGLE.

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Yea this is my favorite choke as well. Like others have said, it makes the choke tighter if after you get the choke, you walk your body towards theirs, while crunching their head into your stomach. what I have found often times, when you do this they will walk their body away from yours, so you will either need to stay with them as they walk away to relieve pressure, or try to actually hook your leg around theirs to keep them from moving.

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good camera work on this one..
i love this, used it for years. even if u miss the choke or neck crank (what ever way you use it) you wind up in side controle or north south......

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i find my chokeing arm slips up accross their face alot of the time. they usually tap and say it felt like i was about to cave their face in

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thanks to who ever posted this ...
i love the feed back you get from chaz and company almost the same day .

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this is a good technique that can be use for everything like bjj,submission fighting and mma, my black-belt professer marcello monterio has this in a book he made a long time ago in brasil calles secret positions he also has alot of variations to this technique mma,nogi,and with the gi.
also saulo ribeiro jiu-jitsu revolution1
has a good transition to side body with the gi if the guy has a good base and cant be rolled its in the passing guard dvd and in saulos freestyle revolution i believe he has some nice escapes

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Good move, it'd be nice to see this more at fights!

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I like this choke, I havent used it while rolling, but I have done it while drilling. Remeber in step 5 that you should drop your head to avoid being crushed. Also, I think if you walk towards the opponent, it makes the choke tighter, but I guess the opponent could always just "walk-out" and relieve the pressure, but that is probably not happening if the triangle is already tight.

Joe Friday's picture

Yea Kangaroo, usually if the person wants to fight the choke, then they will "walk-out" as you said. Just keep their head tight against your stomach and keep "walking" with them as they try to circle away to alleviate the pressure. Sometimes you can even hook their leg with yours to keep them from "walking" away.

Just the facts maam.

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This is quite possibly my favorite technique. I tapped 5 out of 7 different guys I trained with with this technique in one night. Of course, they were each practicing separately so they didnt notice I was trying to use the same move on everyone XD

I was gonna post it myself, but I guess I got beat to it =P

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Great technique. Here it was posted a while ago in the gi section:

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I very much agree L Train but me being a bit of a perfection freak I ask my opponent whether it felt more of a choke or crank. They normally say crank if I choose to walk into them. However, a tap is a tap. Meh.

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I Like! High Five!

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I love this one! Sink it fast and say good night

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Could you do this if your opponent is in a sprawl?

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Saw this on here and then used it last night, worked like a charm the first. Can't ask for much more than that!

shadallion's picture

Saw this on here and then used it last night, worked like a charm the first attempt. Can't ask for much more than that!

CapoThaiJitsuBo's picture

Not much else to say everythings been covered. Even the fact that if you walk it in it does become more of a crank. Great work Quality advice!

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man i gotta try this it looks tons good

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So, what is the defense to it?

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looks like a pretty good technique! Ill have to use it someday! Keep em coming!

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This move is the balls!

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Thanks Chaz. I was at my BJJ class and the guy shot in to take me down i sprawled and sunk in this choke. He asked me how to defend it but I couldnt telll him cuz i didnt know

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To defend this, I think you need to be able to see this move coming. As your opponent transitions from Step 4 to Step 5, you can "base out" by spreading your knees slightly and lowering your body to the mat. If you lower your base it becomes more difficult for your opponent to roll you over his chest. You could possibly post your arm as he attempts the roll as well. You cannot allow your base to get broken, or it will be really tough to get out.

This is a nice move.

Joe Friday's picture

I have used this choke many times, as a matter of fact it is my FAVORITE choke. I have only had one person get out of it once I had it sunk, and it was because I was totally exhausted. Yea I have seen people counter the choke by basing out, but when you do the roll, you gotta really turn hard. If you just try to roll him over he could fairly easily base out and stop the roll. When I do the choke, I shoot my arm in as deep as possible by actually dipping with my shoulder. Does this make sense? After I grab my bicep, I will then lay my head on their ribs and not their back cause I don't want to crush my head when I roll over. Time for the roll, when I roll I will pop real hard with my hips to get as much power out of the roll as possible. Trust me, when you pop over with your hips it will make a big difference in getting the guy over.

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This is great! I´m more of astand-up guy, but I this quite a lot against takedowns...

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i was working on this yesterday.....thanks for more input

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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is one of m favorite BJJ fighters, and this is one of my favorite moves. Couture Pulled this on Mike Van Arsdale in the UFC once, too. I'd like to see him do it to Big Tim at UFC 68!!!

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Has anyone posted Mario Sperry's "clock choke" yet? I've been dying to see that one...

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This looks like a great defense (turned to offense) against the growing list of amateur wrestlers turning to mma. Does anyone know why we don't see it more often?

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Great Submission

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Man, I <3 this technique.

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i likes

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i use this choke alot it is one of my favorites, it is simple and deadly at the same time.

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one of my favorite chokes

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I always have been shown that the anaconda choke involved having your opponent in a body triangle also so you totally constrict them....
Thanks for the cool variation i look forward to using it next time i train

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Simply AWESOME! I love this technique. I really like in Step 3 how he is using ankle control to prevent him from going to the sit thru escape. This technique is available so much in MMA, but it seems like only Minotauro uses it.

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Sometimes I crush my head beneath my opponent's weight during the roll, when I don't position my head correctly.

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this choke is not used a lot in mma, and even in submission grappling, because:
- it is a very technical move,
- easy to get out if it is not perfectly sunk,
- hard to get as most of the time the opponent will not let you close your arm triangle,
- and in addition to that it makes you loose your position.
TOo risky for mma, guys prefer to keep the turtle and pound on the head, waiting for an error of the turtled one, unless you have the technical level of minautoro ...

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walk around yess ,but its easy esape but you will have side position,look for a better finish from front headlock

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Awesome instruction! I've got a grand total of 2 weeks of submission grappling under my belt and I pulled this one off about 2 hours ago thanks to this. Great stuff!

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nice Mav!!

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nice move, this was the first thing that i got someone to tap from in grappling class

CombatChaz's picture

nice job!

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i use this move all the time

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This is by far my favorite choke, and if they start defending, I really like the armdrag to take their back.

niteshroud's picture

grampageoff knows his stuff

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great choke i teaching my combatives class that this week

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Great technique.

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i love to hit the over aggresive shooter with this


"Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy... or they become legend.?

napplaya's picture

i love to hit the over aggresive shooter with this


"Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy... or they become legend.?

napplaya's picture

i love to hit the over aggresive shooter with this


"Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy... or they become legend.?

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I love this choke