Arm Drag to Tilt Sweep

I love different variations of sweeps and reversals from the bottom position, here is one off the arm drag, called The Tilt.

  • Step 1
  • Cole is in my closed guard
  • Step 2
  • With my left hand, I grab Cole's right wrist while my right hand reaches up and grabs the back of Cole's right arm
  • Step 3
  • I open my guard and pull Cole's arm under my right armpit as I turn on my right hip and slide my left knee in front of Cole's abs
  • Step 4
  • I keep the arm trap and pull out my left arm
  • Step 5
  • I reach my left arm over Cole's back and grab his lat up high by his left armpit
  • Step 6
  • Keeping Cole's weight on my left hip, I pull him slightly up on my hip and to the left with my arm as I turn to my back and use the outside of my left leg to turn him over to his back as I push off with my right foot
  • Step 7
  • Once Cole is on his back I can follow up by improving my position or going for a submission


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This is actually a really effective move. I like it a lot!

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i'm surprised this was not posted earlier. this is a good move. so many things you could do from here.


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love it

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A great option when the basic scissor sweep is countered.

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Great technique - I would just be wary of the guy on top using his free (left) hand to push your right knee down and move to side control.

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good sweep, but i agree with angle biter; but if they did that i think you'd (if you reacted quick enough, be able to block the side control and attempt an armbar

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If the guy on top trys to push your knee down, just take his back

It is not necessary to give everything all the time.
Instead we must realise the critical moments and give it all then.

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I like this move. I kind of found it by accident as a setup for the elbow hook.

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Sweet. If he makes a mistake, take your knee out and get his back.

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This move is really sweet. Me and my trainer looked at it today and if you don't let of go your opponents shoulder with you left arm and don't let go of the arm either, you can get a really good armbar just by extending your bent leg and putting it over the belly of your opponent and then push your hip forward. Great move.

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Havent tried it yet, looks like a lot of it?

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i think it's more a matter of manipulating your opponent's balance and weight than strength, spaz. i havent tried this yet, i keep forgetting to. i saw this in a BJJ book i have by Jean Jacques Machado, but it's under the gi techniques section. it's a lot easier with the gi, since u can grab ur opponent's gi at the shoulder... here it depends a bit more on strength. gotta remember to try it, though.

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thanks been looking for more sweeps.

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great move I'll play with this one

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the weight ride on your knee so not hard and if failed can pull leg out to a spiril ride for side position. 1 of the best tech i have seen fome you chaz in catch its a wing sweep and is a nice way of doing a hookers sweep