CACC Neck Crank/Crucifix

Since November is neck crank moth here on Lockflow, I thought I'd share this.

  • 1
  • slip arm in for crucifix
  • 2
  • put right hand on your left bicep
  • 3
  • slip left hand on top of your right shoulder and crank
  • 4
  • if he pulls is arm down in an attempt to escape the crucifix. Reach over his back with your left hand and get wrist control
  • 5
  • push his head down with your right hand
  • 6
  • bring your right leg over his head - grip both hands together. Pull on his arm and push down on his head


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Good stuff.

- challenge yourself.

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this is awsome is lots of other subs that this could be linked with

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AWESOME! The one with the leg over the head.. in Japan.. "Royal Octopus".. Inoki used the standing "show" version.. as did Dragon Fujinami and a host of others.. only takes a tiny tweak to make this EXTREMELY nasty! THANKS KRIS!

See video

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No Kevin thank you,Now I finaly have a cool name for it Wink
My coach Eddy brought back many techniques,like that one, from his wrestling days in Japan. He often admitted that his fighting style was greatly influenced from time spent there.

Kris Iatskevich

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I know this move by the name "Stockade". I've also heard it called the Cattle Clutch? Am I off base with this?

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In our terms a stockade isn't exactly the same thing. A stockade is what Lesnar used to pin down Mir from the half guard in their second bout.
My coach use to call it ''la croix Japonaise'' or Japanese crucifix

Kris Iatskevich

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Kris: I love this one it's AWESOME!!
my coach show me one close to this one. I will have to post it.

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The last one is an old school move called " The King Pin"!!
Really nasty!
The first move I call simply "Half Stock"
God Job Kris!

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Great post! I love Billy Robinson type stuff!