Catch Wrestling leg Locks from body scissor

From Step Over Toe Holds to Half Boston Crabs, Catch Wrestling as a repertoire of leg locks to choose from. Here are some of my favorites from the Body Scissor (guard). You'll notice that in none of the techniques I flop down to my back,instead I prefer to stay in a top dominant position all the way through,this makes it easier for me to stay on the offensive if my initial hook doesn't work.

  • 1
  • Once I opened the body scissor,I push against the outside of his left thigh towards his right shoulder with my right knee.I can help myself with my hand
  • 2
  • I grab his toes with my right hand and push them towards his butt,this will make him turn on his right side.Keep pushing hard with your knee
  • 3
  • At This point I'll pass my left arm over his leg and figure four my hands. kee cranking the toes towards his butt for the hook.Notice how I keep my right elbow inside my right thigh,this make for a stronger position
  • 4
  • When I want to rip into the guy a bit more,I drive my knee into his back
  • 5
  • option # 2-same beginning but this time I put my left knee on his right shin bone (it's painfull as hell and loosens him up for the rest)
  • 6
  • I step over his leg
  • 7
  • I inish by wrapping his leg with my right arm and cranking upwards
  • 8
  • Option # 3- I continue stepping over his leg
  • 9
  • I finish with a step over toe hold and face lock
  • 10
  • option #4- I shoot up, and control his legs by pressing my knees inwards against his thighs
  • 11
  • I put both of my hands on the ground above his head and to a 45 degree angle
  • 12
  • I walk or shoot both of my legs over his head.This will make him roll over his shoulder
  • 13
  • another view of the previous move,notice how i keep hold of his left leg
  • 14
  • step completely through and crank the leg upwards for the hook
  • 15
  • option #5- same beginning ,but this time I slip my left arm inside of his left leg
  • 16
  • I grab my bicep and start turning to my left,I push his knee hard towards his right shoulder
  • 17
  • I turn completely over to my left
  • 18
  • I finish the hook by stepping my right leg through and cranking upwards


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Thanks again! loving the catch techniques!

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Verry smooth, combinned sequence is the only way to truly learn grappling.

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m glad dz 1 dznt use wrestler's bridge like the previous technique..
ouch my neck!!

The strong man is not the one who wrestles, but controls himself in a fit of rage.

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Toe-holds: the bread-and-butter leglocks of CACC. Great stuff, I want to train with you if I come up to Canada!

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Anytime shadallion,it would be my pleasure

Kris Iatskevich

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very cool, dont stop with the cacc. All this stuff is great to have in your bag cus most people just wont see it comin, awesome

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Love the walk over achillies lock. 10-13!!

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Kris Iatskevich

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On Step 16, i reverse the positions of my arms to be the opposite of what you have here, and i press his leg up to him (like pointing the bottom of his foot towards his face) while pressing them up against the cage. I like it, but yours is definitely higher percentage, seeing as my little leg Kimura only works when pressing them up against the cage. Great stuff... this stuff helps me set up lots of subs now!

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By the way... i invented the leg kimura! oh wait... sorry, just kidding lol

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grapplers rule!

Ray the "Manitoba Maniac" Leigh.

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catch wrestling is so badass. I like these techniques. I like the focus on remaining in a good position if something doesn't work out right or gets countered.

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p.s. I can't wait to try this on some BJJ guys.