Chin Rip

The Chin Rip is a nice neck crank that can be achieved from many different angles. Here Seth and Eddie demonstrate the Chin Rip from the mount position.

  • Step 1
  • Seth starts in the mount position.
  • Step 2
  • Seth leans his head to the right and begins to reach his left arm under Eddie's neck.
  • Step 3
  • Set cups his left hand around Eddie's chin
  • Step 4
  • Seth jumps his left leg over to his own right side, landing on his left hip. Seth drive his weight into Eddie's chest as he postures up and pulls on Eddie's chin twisting Eddie's head away from his body. (To Eddie's right in this picture sequence.)


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Arg! Could have used that yesterday. Can you do that from side mount too?

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It look like you would have to jump over to the other side to get it from a side position.

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There is actually a similar hold amateur wrestling [Folk-style] to this that is used as a pinning predicament. There are other counters and such into it, which I can describe if requested, but here's my input on this.

Another finish for Step 4 instead of jumping to the side with the awkward angle for the chin lock would be to grapevine the legs. Now, this can be done a couple ways, either a single or double grapevine. The advantages can be debated, but with the one hand to post, even a double grapevine is difficult to roll from. Simply lace the legs to prevent the post into rollthrough, and you should be able to sink the chin hold. Some could argue that a single grapevine will provide more of a side control feel, but you will still be able to control one leg.

It is quite effective as a pinning predicament, provided you can keep the lace long enough to get the near fall and pin. If you lose the double, you can always swap to a single, but if you lose that single, there can be issues.

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dz move gives me goosebumps...

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Can you finish the crank without jumping off mount? I mean can you go to like a top sattle ride or something?