Combat Sambo: Reverse Rolling Toe Hold

A fellow lockflow member asked me a question about finishing rolling kneebars when your opponent bends his knee. the most common answer to this question is to go for a calf crush but i find that this is easier said then done because your legs are not always free to apply pressure and if the knee gets that bent it may be too far gone.

what i recommend is rolling for a toe hold instead. this works because you can do it when they have some bend in their knee when you hit the ground and you do not have to change your grip to drasticaly to switch right back to the knee bar if they extend to fight the toe hold.

in general i consider the toe hold the most versatile leg lock because it can be done from both reverse leg control and from standard leg control, so you can continue to apply the lock if they are trying to spin to free themselves.
Remix Dojo: Reverse Rolling Toe Hold

  • the stance
  • hold on to their neck tightly. hook your leg in between theirs high.
  • the roll
  • while holding on tightly, tuck your head and free arm in between your standing leg and his leg.
  • the roll 2
  • roll underneath him and hook behind his calf with your arm. the tighter you hold on to his neck the smoother the roll.
  • the bend
  • you find that his knee had bent while you were rolling and you dont think you can force a kneebar out of him. your arm is already in the right spot for the toe hold. let go of his head and reach up to grab his foot.
  • the toe hold
  • to get maximum torque out of a toe hold from reverse leg control several factors must be in place: first you need to have some bend in the knee. second you need to make sure you are grabbing the pinky side of the toes with your thumb pointing toward the heel. third you have to be grabbing his foot with your oposite hand. (ie if its his left foot its your right hand that grabs.) and finaly to apply the toe hold you need to twist them in the right way: bring his toes toward his butt, and his heel toward your face. this will cause the most pain and the most damage in the knee and ankle.
  • fall to your side
  • fall to your side trapping his other leg and get his knee to bend even more. now bring his toes toward his butt and twist his heel toward your face. he will tap.


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I will be trying to hit this as much as possible come next class. Also, I might do the Jenga if everyone is afraid to grab me after a few hits on this tech.

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i didnt grab up high enough on his toes in this demo. the higher up you grab the more leverage with the twist. FYI

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nice. i love toe holds

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sick transiton to the toe hold

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Nice switchup. Love rolling leglocks

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alas... i find why my toe holds are so low percentage. I was trying to twist to the side (with very little possitive result) rather than the way you show here. Thanks again Reilly, you have made me feel like ken shamrock lol