Cross-Body Crank

Here's a favorite of mine that comes up frequently!

When going for a Guillotine your opponent manages to get his near arm inside, and the choke just isn't going to work. But with a little training and some explosive movement during the post and roll, you can catch them with the Cross-Body Crank!

Be careful, however, as this really leaves the recipient sore the next day. I know, I've been the submittee several times on this one!

  • The start position
  • Here I have gone for a Guillotine, but caught Clay's arm as well, thus nullifying the choke.
  • The arm position
  • Having caught your opponents arm, grip it tightly to begin the technique.
  • Step Through
  • With my right arm reaching across the throat and gripping Clay's right tricep, I now step through with my left leg and post my left hand in his right hip.

In this case, posting on the hip prevents Clay from dropping to his knees to gain side position, so don't skip this step!

  • Sit back and Roll
  • Here, I sit down and roll to my right, never loosening my grip on Clay's tricep.
  • Finalizing the position
  • As Clay hits the ground I continue to keep my grip on his tricep to affect the submission, and my left hand on his hip to prevent him from rolling to his belly.
  • The Cross-Body Crank
  • I finish my technique by rolling over Clay's head, and onto his chest to gain Cross-Body. By keeping my grip on his tricep, his shoulder and arm are now digging into his carotid artery, and my right forearm is attacking his neck from the other side!
    All that's left is to press my chest towards the floor, and arch my back to deliver a very painful crank/choke!
  • The finish
  • The Cross-Body Crank


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    Isn't there a move similar to this that you can do from the sprawl?

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    nice! adrian i didnt know you grapple!!

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    Yeah this can be done from the knees also, as if you'd sprawled against a takedown attempt.

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    I like it!

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    Well described. Great Pics.
    Really illustrates how tight it gets locked up. Looks like once you flip em over, they can't breathe and there you go


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    There is a similar move called the Anaconda Choke or the Noguiera Choke from the sprawl position, after Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera who fights in Pride.

    I've never seen this setup but I've been working on the Anaconda somewhat lately and would be worried to apply this version of it because if he pushes hard with his right arm to free himself of my grip I think he could escape pretty easily.

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    IIRC, the Anaconda Choke requires a roll to the side, whereas this crank is ensuing from a backwards roll. Otherwise, as far as I can tell, you're right.

    As for the technique, there is a couple other applications from what I can see. The Cross-Body Crank [CBC] is similar to a maneuver from amateur wrestling called a kickover, or in our school the Psycho Kickover. It is applicable from standing as is the CBC, and also from the knees after a sprawl, as a defense to the single-leg takedown, and perhaps from head mount as well.

    The kickover is only slightly different in that the head is only gripped by one arm, usually without the tricep. The opposite arm is usually underhooking the opponent's free arm, or cradling the near leg. Then, one leg kicks through the middle of the opponent's thighs as you fall backwards, akin to this motion.

    The main difference between the CBC and the Kickover is that the CBC is finished in side control, and the Kickover ends in the mount.

    I do have a bit of advice on this though. The key factor is momentum. If you hesitate and don't roll through at 100%, you will stop on your back in a disadvantagous position. It's worse in wrestling, since we can't work from the guard, but at the same time, it's never good.

    Otherwise, great technique, and one I'll have to adopt as well. I like this variant.

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    smooth from stand-up to ground..

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    nice why not just finish the anaconda but i do like this move

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