Head Scissor from Armbar

Michael Jen began studying BJJ in 1991 and hold the rank of Black Belt in BJJ which he received from 6th degree Black Belt, Joe Moreira. Michael has also received the rank of Brown Belt in Judo. To Find out more about Michael, his gym or system please visit,

Here, Michael demonstrates the Head Scissor from Armbar

  • Step 1
  • Joe Moreira
    Michael positions himself to attack with the downward shoulder wrench or straight arm bar. Sensing that his opponent is beginning to defend his arms, Michael chooses to alter his attack.
  • Step 2
  • Falling to his right side, Michael shoots his right leg under his opponent's head. Making sure to position his opponent's neck directly between his knees, Michael crosses his ankles and straightens his legs to exert pressure on the neck. NOTE: Michael maintains control of the arm and will attack with a downward wrist flex should the head scissors fail.
  • Step 3
  • Michael triangles his legs, squeezes his knees together and pulls his heels into his butt.
  • Step 4
  • To finalize, Michael posts with his right hand and sits toward his left heel. NOTE: This is an extremely powerful technique and great care should be used in practice to avoid dislocating the jaw or fracturing teeth. The power of this technique comes from the body weight sitting on his jaw rather than just leg strength.


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The more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in battle - นักรบ

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Good xplanation in step 4...
gr8 result with less effort!!!

~i cant stop imagining an elephant standing on 1 foot-->the pressure of bodyweight on a small area~

The strong man is not the one who wrestles, but controls himself in a fit of rage.

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One of my favorite moves actually. If the person being choked happens to turn his head in either direction to avoid the AIR CHOKE you can always switch the crossed foot and roll their head forward with your body and legs for the certain tap.

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Damn that has to hurt

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Classic catch wrestling combo! I need to use the figure-four scissors more often than the more strength-based straightened head scissors. Nasty!

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did you know that the Figure four is leagal in Folk Style wrestling?

"Tap snap or nap." -The submission fighters moddo and threat, but most of all its our way of life.

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It is a nice feeling when you get your leg under the chin and you can tell damge will be done. It is good to practice this with a good sparring partner.

Herbert Clark

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I just had this move put on me last Monday, I have used it before but I would like to see a counter to it.

Snap or tap your choice!

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pretty cool, like a side version of the triangle/figure 4...

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The worst part is your teeth smashing together....lameness.

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