Kimura from Head Mount

The Head Mount is a great postion for many upperbody submissions. modles Kim and June demonstrate the Kimura from the Head Mount

  • Step 1
  • Kim has the head mount on June.
  • Step 2
  • Kim grabs June's left wrist with her right hand. Kim then slides her left hand behind June's elbow and grabs her own right wrist.
  • Step 3
  • Kim grips her hands as tight as she can and rips them upward as she postures up.
  • Step 4
  • To finish the kimura, Kim twists her body to the left as she pushes June's arm back behind her.


WOODMAN's picture

Kim must be making Bruce Lee noises in Step 4

Once you lock the Kimura, what are the odds the opponent can get out? Slim to none?


Take me out Kobe style

CombatChaz's picture

Bruce Lee noises? I don't get it.

WOODMAN's picture

Just the subtle noises Bruce Lee made. Sorry bad joke.
You know the kind he made before he broke someones neck or something.


Take me out Kobe style

CombatChaz's picture

I'm down!

Jeremy Saunders's picture

You guys are only giving it 3 stars, but I love this move and I have to give it 4. Suckers.

TheClutch's picture

It's a 3 because it's a basic one that every grappler should know

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4*s because i can never get this

shadallion's picture

I'll give it a 4 because I get more taps this way than with any other hold. But yes, it's basic.

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gotta give it 4 coz its done by models... =p

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Anonymous's picture

basic heh lol mabey you can tell me why 80% do it wrong and its 1 of the highst % finishes

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hit this...