Side choke/Arm triangle escape

Dan Vermehren has allowed us to use this technique on our site. It is a interesting escape to the Side Choke/ Arm Triangle. Stop by his site at Dan Vermehren's Site and let him know what you think.

  • Step 1
  • The choke is often established first in mount or half gaurd
  • Step 2
  • Sometimes they will jump to the side and start walking to your head to create more pressure to finish the choke.
  • Step 3
  • Roll backwards over your shoulder (not your neck).
  • Step 4
  • In the picture he has my left arm folded over my neck so I am rolling over my right shoulder.
  • Step 5
  • Again, do not roll straight over your neck. Doing so would lead to injury.
  • Step 6
  • Continued...
  • Step 7
  • Here is the finish. If your opponent is stronger or doing a variation on the choke, rolling back might not be as easy. If this is the case, try sitting up. Firs,t kick your legs up high and rock yourself foward. When you sit up, his natural reaction will be to push you down. As he pushes you down, use that momentum and THEN roll back! I have gotten this to work on bigger opponents. I'm sorry there is no picture of this-- just try to work it out. If the person doesn't let go of the choke you will sweep him. When you roll he may try to take your back. (Would you rather tap or give your back?)


CombatChaz's picture

Anyone use this yet?

joshua baria's picture

what is that?

CombatChaz's picture

Payed with it a bit today, works on newbies but not very effective against any of my skilled guys.

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payed = played

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I can't see this working if the Katagatame (one arm choke) is tight and the one executing the choke drops his hips flat to the floor. Or is it meant to be used in a certain position?

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Good point Sergio, maybee it only works prior to dropping your hips?

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maybe if you grabbed your own leg w/ your free hand, used the pull to rock forward, then used your opponents momentum to roll this would be a little more applicable...?

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rolling move always make the technique looks difficult to me...but this 1 is a must try...

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I'll try to keep this one in mind next time I get caught in one. I love arm triangles, but I hate getting caught in them!

- Tim
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