Tyrone Glover's Toe Hold

Tyrone Glover is fast making a name for himself in the MMA world. Already known as a outstanding grappler, Tyrone is undefeated in MMA and recently defeated UFC veteran Din Thomas in Japan. Tyrone was gracious enough to contribute his Toe Hold from Half Guard to For more information on Tyrone, check out

  • Step 1
  • Begin with good half guard position controlling
    opponents hips and wrist
  • Step 2
  • Push knees down with hand closest to opponents
    hips, while removing other hand from opponents wrist leaving it clear from interference.
  • Step 3
  • Turn body and apply Figure Four Toe Hold to top

  • Step 4
  • Return body to original position bring foot over at
    same time. When opponent is flat on stomach apply
    figure pressure.


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    This guy did great on the last AX FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS

    seth aka dat kid aka seph aka seppy aka satchy aka sachi aka the smart one aka cracker aka one of those markers aka magic aka magic marker aka the kid who got knocked out aka wigger whos G'd up from the feet up aka the crazy white dude thats a ganster

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    Nice..a celebrity submissiom!!!

    Bawajiwe's picture

    looks good! im a little unclear on what happens between step 2 and 3

    Quantum Jim's picture

    Between 2,3 I believe the orange guy hardly moved at all. Instead, Tyrone Glover turned his hips and repositioned his hands. I don't know if you can get this usually, since I would expect Mr. Orange to move his leg as soon as you stop pressuring the knee. IMLE, of course.

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    Tyrone is a real nice guy. I trained with him a few times and got the pleasure of being submitted via toe hold (although not in the same manner as this picture).

    I saw Tyrone get submitted with a toe hold once in sub grappling. And it's just my opinion, but it seems like after that he's really big on toe holds now.

    Toe holds are great leg subs. You can get them from many different and awkward positions. And once you are locked onto that ankle it's only a matter of time before you submit the guy. Underused subs in my opinion.

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    where are you from ultraman?

    Ultraman's picture

    San Diego, Ca

    disabledjiujitsusuperstud's picture

    instead of pushing the foot to the butt i pull away against the joint with my body wieght. just like how Tony Cecchine shows on his catch wrestling videos. it has a lot more leverage

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    step 4 looks really painful...

    The strong man is not the one who wrestles, but controls himself in a fit of rage.

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    wow lmao fool stop namin shit after your self lol you are no one
    and thats a bad finish lol

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    prohooker, calm down. I put his name in there because he is the one showing it. and he is a celebrity pro fighter - not because he came up with the technique.

    mERCury6l6's picture

    This is a sweet toe hold, and unlike SOME people say, the finish works great... despite what you would think, either pushing toward the butt or pulling away ala Cechine... the leverage is more than enough to get the tap. Three to be exact lol.