Grappling Techniques

Reverse Omoplata Series

Reverse Omoplata Series

Front Headlock Series

Front Headlock Series

Open Guard Reverse Knee Bar

Open Guard Reverse Knee Bar

Pluto Series

In 1930 Pluto was originally classified as a planet, the ninth from the sun. When they found out is was mostly a floating ice cube, they re-classified Pluto as a "Dwarf Planet". Poor Pluto.

What does that fact have to do with this arm lock? Maybe it's because this armlock is out of this world. Maybe it's because this lock was discovered in 1930. I think it got it's name because your gonna need a large ice pack for your partner's elbow after you throw this move on them.  

8 Keys To The Bicep Slicer Plus 8 Techniques You Can Start Using Today

The bicep slicer (aka arm crush, compression lock, bicep crusher, short arm scissors) is a great technique that forces the forearm to bend back over a fulcrum (usually the opponent's arm or leg) towards the bicep forcing the possible painful separation of the elbow joint.

Although the bicep slicer is illegal at some tournaments and only allowed at higher ranks at others, it's a highly effective move that should be in your grappler's tool box.

Common Mistakes Made While Attempting The Kimura Lock

Mistakes happen, it’s just human nature.

Being able to correct these mistakes, however, is something you must learn to do!  Especially in a sport such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, learning from your wrongs is an absolute must, and is something you have to do to become better.

Let's Talk Funk Rolls

If your a Ben Askren fan, then you have no doubt become familiar with his "Funk Roll" technique. Ben has used this style of falling to the side, diving under his opponent's leg and popping out the back in wrestling, submission and MMA matches.

The Funk Roll presents another option as a counter to the double leg. Although it is a bit unorthodox, I can see it presenting a nice chance of creating a scramble  and possibly even a counter takedown.

Inside Heel Hook From 50/50

I'm not sure what I love more, this technique for breaking open the 50/50 or Nathan's accent while explaining the move.

Calf Slicer From 50/50 Guard

Does that pesky 50/50 guard give you issues? Well fret no longer as Professor Flavio Almeida teaches a great foot-lock that you can use while in the 50/50 guard.

Tight Kimura From S Mount

Thanks to the guys over at Pennsylvania Combat Sports for sharing this nice kimura set up that can be

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