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Sneaky Inverted Heelhook Setup

Hey guys, just wanted to share a sneaky entry I use to setup an inverted heelhook. Thoughts/comments are welcome. Enjoy!


Some Catch Wrestling Shoulder Locks

We here at love any style of martial art that is effective in real life combat situations. Catch Wrestling has proved itself many times to be an effective way of submitting your opponent. If Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known as the "Gentle Art"- Catch wrestling should be known as the "Ungentle Art".

Whatever your preference, enjoy these nasty shoulder locks from ISWA's Kristijan Simeunovic:

Gustavo Rodrigues: Counter Attacks to the Throw By Pass

Here are a few techniques for countering your opponent when they throw your legs by in an attempt to pass your guard.


The techniques range from basic reclaiming the guard, to a sweep and finally a series of armbars and inverto-platas.

(8/21) Deep Half Guard Hidden Arm Position and Sweep - Jason Scully

After I sent the video the other day on the Deep Half Guard positional tips and concepts I realized that I missed one very important arm position that leads to a very high percentage sweep.

So this message is going to be short and simple.  If you play Deep Half Guard, this position will be very helpful for you in attacking your opponent and defending their attacks as well.

Keep on keepin on,

Jason Scully

Deep Half Guard Positional Tips and Concepts - Jason Scully

Years ago the half guard was known as a stalling position or a safety position.  It was never really something that people thought of as a very strong offensive position. But then as grappling evolved so did the half guard, and I mean it evolved a lot!

In that evolution of the half guard, the all mighty deep half guard was created.  This half guard is one of the most high percentage and offensive half guards you can play.  Grapplers from the most basic to the most advanced play this position with great success and I don't see it stopping any time soon.

Arm Crush Submission - The Priest

There have been so many awesome technique videos out there lately that I have not  made a technique video in quite some time. One of our readers sent me a message saying that he missed my videos. Well brother, as I promised - here is the latest technique that I have been working on, and I call it "The Priest".

MUST WATCH Guard Retention Concepts For Grapplers And BJJ Players - Jason Scully

Back again with a with some guard retention concepts that I think are very simple and very important to watch.  I talk about a concept that I call headlights plus extend on the concept as well.

Retaining guard and knowing when to have an escaping mindset is extremely important and will also help relieve some frustration that many grapplers have.

Defending the Scarf Hold with a Neck Crank finish

Here is a technique I was working on with the guys this morning.  It's a defensive neck crank when your stuck in someone's scarf hold.  This was a huge weakness of mine for the longest time, so here is just one of many skills to add to your tool box if you ever get caught here.  Enjoy

More Heel Hooks Than You Can Shake A Leg At

Who doesn't love heel hooks? Well, 7-1 Pro fighter Ian Entwistle sure does. Check out "Enty" as he brings new meaning to the heel hook entry world.

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