The Impossible Workout

Watch fitness guru and internet legend 'Hannibal King' run UFC stars Alistair Overeem, Rashad Evans and Tyrone Spong through a grueling workout.

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where's the workout? Wink

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what workout


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Sorry guys, it was a bad link! should be fixed now!

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Punching power as well as take downs come from strong hips, ass, legs. And in his workout he didn't do one thing for any of them. Seems like the workout is lacking quite a bit.

Been beaten and scarred, you'll never break me. I'm born again hard.

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beach muscle workout.  Still pretty impressive


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I wouldn't say that is a beach muscle workout. that stuff can really help in mma. shows alot of muscle control and strength from different angles, which is what is needed especially in grappling. all you have to do is deadlifts and some squats to have a complete workout. that is pretty impressive.