ISWA - Catch Wrestling Level 1 Syllabus

Level 1 DVD is now up for sale on the site:[product_guids][0]=b89ca906-8841-4710-bb5a-f5b468f4712f This is part 1 of a 5 part set covering the basic curriculum for all ISWA affiliates.

The ISWA Basic Set Syllabus 1 covers

* Stances

* Footwork

* Clinch Work

* Tie Ups

* Basic mat skills from top & bottom

* Basic escapes & reversals                 

All the basic skills sets required to learn Submission Wrestling as performed by the ISWA team

The International Submission Wrestling Alliance was created for the sole purpose of promoting and spreading Catch as Catch Can Wrestling and CACC based systems such as shoot wrestling,Luta Livre,SAW (submission arts wrestling) and others. Promotion is done through seminars, workshops,and tournaments



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"* Basic mat skills from top & bottom"

I really need to learn to control people on the ground. Hold em down, keep them from getting away from me, etc. Is that what this is?

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^^ I believe so


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THIS WILL RAWK!!! \m/!!!!!! to infinity!

See video

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Does anyone own this DVD? If so, can you please give a short review on it. Also, how does it compare to the other catch materials out there, like stuff from Scientific Wrestling? Thanks in advance. - free martial arts school directory and classifieds - martial arts links exchange directory - free traffic to your martial arts websites