Josh Barnett Is A Serial Killer

Anyone that has been with Lockflow for any length of time knows that Josh Barnett aka "The Baby Faced Assasin" (RIP) aka "War Master" is a friend of this site. You can go through the Lockflow picture gallery and find photos of him wearing the original Lockflow OG shirt and you can even find a few, sprinkled bad ass techniques from the former UFC champion in our technique library. 

Josh is an amazingly cool guy that is not only one of the best fighters in the world but also one of the coolest guys I have personally ever met. I've never grappled with a heavyweight that moved like a lightweight and cared as much for his training partners as Josh.

In a interesting side note, Mr Barnett can give you the play by play of any fight that he has ever seen. He can recall every underhook, every punch, every reversal and every submission attempt. If you don't believe me, just ask him. I would call him the "Rain Man" of MMA, but im affraid that might upset him.  You see, "War Machine" likes to slash his own throat after he defeats other fighters and he has also been known to lick the blood of his fallen foes off his own gloves. So whatever Josh does, we here at Lockflow approve of it.

Watch this hard rock video by Internal Corrosion called Folded Faces" with the "War Master" playing the role of what else..... a serial killer, and guess what? You better approve too.


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