Killer Leg Locks - Erik Paulson

The jacket reads: "In Vale Tudo and Submission Style fighting, Leg Locks are a highly preferred submission attack amongst competitors and fighters because of its versatility and deceptiveness. Two-Time World Shooto Champion, Erik Paulson, takes you through ins and outs of leg locks."
This video series is one of my favorites. As a leg lock fan, this tape gave me several new ways to attack the legs. Erik demonstrates all the techniques himself, with the exception of tape #3 where Omar Bouiche gives a handful of tricky leg attacks. The video is good quality, and the instruction is excellent. Each tape is loaded with techniques, with replays and commentary.
Erik's personality comes thru on the tape as well, which also makes the videos entertaining. There is some fight footage, movie scenes and live matches are included in the tapes. I love it when an instructional video shows you a technique and then demonstrates that technique in live competition. This series has a few such examples. Erik gives some great instruction of how to teach the techniques as well. Instructors will find these drills helpful in sharing the moves with their students.
I give ‘Erik Paulson's Killer Leg Locks’ video series my recommendation, and a must have for any leg lock fans.


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Even though I have only seen Tape 3 of this series, so far, I can definitely agree with this review...Erik Paulson = Wicked Leg Locks...

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I agree, Erik Paulson has some sick flow of submission from top to bottom. Thanks!

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agreed. Anything Erik Paulson is proven useful.

I recently picked up the DVDs and its good stuff.

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