MMANews has new GSP Interview

From:'s own Chris Howie recently caught up with one of the top 170 pound fighters in the sport of mixed-martial arts today, Georges "Rush" St. Pierre, to discuss his upcoming bout with Josh Koscheck at UFC 74 on August 25th, his last fight - the loss to Matt Serra and all the fallout from that afterwards, his buddies fighting at UFC 74 along with him, his training changes and improvements, among many other topics. Below is a complete transcript of the interview conducted on August 1, 2007.


Chris Howie of Okay this is Chris Howie with and today I'm joined by Georges "Rush" St. Pierre. How are you doing today, Georges?

Georges "Rush" St. Pierre: Good. How are you? I'm not doing too bad at all. How's training going for your upcoming fight?

Georges St. Pierre: Training is doing very well. I'm in the best shape of my life. How do you feel you match up with Josh Koscheck?

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The Rush is returning August 25th!!!

24 wins! Dominic Cruz better watch out!

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Wtf, Koscheck says GSP doesn't have the heart to beat him, since when has Kos showed more heart than GSP??

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GSP=Class Act...not just doing the right thing, but when you're out of line apologizing. Now that's a role model.

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This is a BIG fight for both of them, I love GSP and cant stand Kos, I'd hate to see Josh win. This is definitly a fight worth watchin'!

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Gotta love GSP, class act all the way. Knows he's a good fighter, and still gives respect where it's due. Nice. Allez Rush!!

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If Koscheck's only think he can think up of when saying why he'll win is that no heart and chin BS he' in for a surprise, he obviously has no idea of what's coming and I"m guessing he's expecting GSP to act like sanchez and wait for the fight.

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