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Breaking Down The Head Kick With Peter Aerts

Thanks to our friend Big Will for finding this gem of a video breaking down ways of getting all-so-awesome head kick to land

Boxing focus mitt drill. Slip, duck and counter with body punches!

Hey guys, back again with another striking technique video!

Today we've got a basic slip/duck evasion coupled with some offensive strikes.  I'm a big fan of working smarter, not harder.  If you can not only evade your opponents strikes while landing shots of your own.... that's a big win/win!

Out Jab everyone! Even taller opponents!


Jab, Jab-Jab.

Jab. Jab.


A common and frustrating problem to deal with in combat sports is a good jab.  More commonly associated with fighters at a height/reach disadvantage.   In this video I cover a few ways to take that weakness and turn it into a strength with slight hand and head movements when in jab exchanges.  Get a sharp and game partner and drill away.  Another fun way to improve on your jab game is to spar with only the jab.

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Thanks and Do work!

Don't kick him! How to win kick exchanges and get the last shot in.

Hey guys!  A friend brought it to my attention that most of my technique videos have been boxing based lately.  To change it up we put together a brief but informative kick drill video you can use to train for kick exchange situations.  Building sharp reflexes and correct habits can be coupled with situational awareness and a bit of thinking ahead to win those exchanges.


Focus mitt reaction drill

Focus mitt reaction drill

Hey guys! Back again with another focus mitt drill from Big Will's and What's Good With Today were going over another focus mitt reaction drill, teaching the athlete how to exchange combinations in the pocket under fire by using head movement and reactive strikes to disrupt the opponents combinations and striking.

Strike Like Chuck Liddell

Pick up some striking tips from the legendary Chuck "Iceman" Liddell in this Youtube video from gaijinpot . 

More Mitts With Big Will

Will McKasson or "Big Will" as we like to call him, shares another insightful mitt routine with Check it out, and then check out

"Hey guys!  It’s been a while, we’ve been busy with the gym remodel and things are finally slowing down.  Which means I’ll be back to posting on more of a regular basis!  Enough of that, onto the good stuff.

Will Has A Nice Catch And Counter Mitt Drill

I have known Will McKasson for quite a few years. Will has always had nice technique and he has recently started training students who also have great technique and form. 

Here is a video from Will showing a catch and counter mitt drill, check it out!

How to Generate Power in Ground and Pound

Almost all of the concepts and techniques in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) can be found in other disciplines of fighting. Boxing has punches. Muay Thai has strikes which include knees and elbows. Wrestling has takedowns. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Catch have the submission holds. However, it is very hard to find a fighting sport that such a emphasis on "Ground and Pound" as much as MMA. 

A Beautiful Mind for MMA?

This is the sequel to my piece that was posted a few days ago about the
Boxing Secrets that I smuggled from Cuba - if you didn't see it, please
watch it first at In the movie, "A Beautiful Mind", the main character, Russell Crowe, is a
schizophrenic.  As a result, he sees and imagines things that aren't really

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