Arm Trapping From The Guard

This is a brief glimpse at some of the material I have been working on with my good friend and training partner Coach Brandon Kiser (Utah State Representative for Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling). It involves looking at the ground game and various positions in a unconventional way.

This set is part of a project we call "Arm Trapping" and the focus is to find blind spots in Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling positions that were really of no importance once striking was taken out of the picture. But with MMA and the inclusion of striking techniques we are finding many areas where we can deliver a heavy dose of punishment with minimal risk of losing position while at the same time maintaining a serious threat of submission.

We were asked to film this short series at the Erik Paulson's 2008 Combat Submission Wrestling Instructor/Fighter Camp. The shot was impromptu and thus, we were a little nervous to demonstrate in front of Sensei Erik. Thus, Brandon (the blond guy, who isn't as good looking) forgot to give a realistic energy and work for bicep control with his free hand. This is what most experienced fighters will do when caught in the overhook and or rubber guard. I was also a little freaked out so I forgot to show this from the rubber guard which will increase your success ratios.

We welcome your comments and ideas for improvement.

  • Trap #1
  • Trap #1
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  • Trap #3


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Brian, thanks for the techniques - I like!

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good stuff really cool

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aoki works a lot of strikes from the bottom. i appreciate seeing a science develop of this sort of striking, and look forward to further additions to it. good work.

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Thank for the article. I'm the Washington rep. but was unable to make the camp this year. Glad to see some of the things covered until I get the vid!
Thanks again...CSW!

Robb "Thunder" Thornton Federal Way, Wa. Thai Boxing Association Rep. Wa. Combat Submission Wrestling Rep.

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woww! awesome techniques. and very interesting, as u don´t usually get that much hints ´bout how to strike from the bottom.
thanx lot

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remember that!

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Cool. Thanks!


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well, you can only trap an arm if the opponent is using a semi contact or any gloves, without it anyone can just pull it through as would be the normal reaction. thank you for the info.

sai: raging fury

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sweet...and very practical

( ((Chris)) )

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Great Technique.
I also greatly appreciate the instructional video. I wish all techniques on this site had videos as in- depth as this one.

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